Turfing & Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Job

Dreaming of a lush, green lawn without the hassle? Whether you prefer the real deal or a low-maintenance artificial option, we’ve got you covered.


Custom Pond Build Services Newbury

Bring a bit of tranquility to your garden with a bespoke pond designed by MJF Landscaping & Groundworks.

Shed Bases

Garden Design & Groundwork Services Newbury

Planning a new home for your tools or a cozy spot for your hobbies?


Garden Design & Groundwork Services Newbury

First impressions count, and your driveway is no exception.

Retaining Walls

Garden Design & Groundwork Services Newbury

Whether you’re battling erosion or looking to create distinct areas in your garden, our retaining walls are up to the task.


Fencing Services Newbury

Privacy, security, or just a bit of charm — whatever your reason for adding a fence, we’ve got the solution.

Patios and pathways

Patio and Pathway Services Newbury

Fancy a cuppa in your beautiful garden? Let’s create the perfect spot for it!